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NHMI/Safe Sports Network


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About Us

We are dedicated to youth sports safety because we believe that every child should have a chance to reach his or her potential. And we know that for at least half of our children, it will be sports that helps them become responsible, hard-working adults. Adolescence can be a very hard time… Harder for some than others when they’re hungry or homeless or touched by the heroin epidemic. But sports can provide a boost that helps all of our kids get ahead, because kids who participate in sports are more engaged, more likely to graduate, less likely to try drugs, become pregnant or attempt suicide. And along the way they develop important skills and characteristics that are keys to success. Skills like teamwork, self-esteem, dedication, loyalty and courage. For all those reasons, sports can help keep kids safe and sports can help kids succeed. But kids can only reap those benefits if they are safe. Because we know sports have risk. That’s where Safe Sports comes in. Safe Sports uses proven tools to reduce that risk. Comprehensive emergency planning, injury prevention and care combine to help ensure kids can make the most of the opportunity that sports represent. And that’s good for them as individuals. But these kids are our next generation, so anything that helps them succeed is good for all of us.


A non-profit program dedicated to youth sports safety.
Emergency training for coaches and athletes keeps young athletes safer.
Free drop-in injury assessment at our downtown Manchester location - 35 Kosciuszko St.

Rep/Contact Info

Madisen Giordano
Athletic Trainer
  • Phone: (603) 627-9728
Amy Hollingworth
Executive Director
  • Phone: (603) 627-9728
Katelyn Metzger
Assistant Director
  • Phone: (603) 627-9728
Cassandra Snow
Program Director
  • Phone: (603) 627-9728